15 Oct 2013

Torture earns jail for Communist Party

9:45 am on 15 October 2013

Communist Party officials in China have received long jail sentences for torture, in a case that exposed the brutality sometimes used in the party's internal investigations.

The members of a party discipline team were accused of killing fellow party member Yu Qiyi during a corruption investigation.

Mr Yu, who belonged to the party and was the chief engineer of a state-owned firm, was held for 38 days in March and April by members of the party's anti-corruption watchdog.

He died from drowning after his head was repeatedly doused in a bucket of cold water, the BBC reports.

After seeing the body, his wife said he had also been badly beaten and burned with cigarettes.

It is rare for details of such methods to emerge into the public domain.

Six officials were convicted of intentionally inflicting harm leading to Mr Yu's death and were sentenced to between four and 14 years in jail.