20 Oct 2013

Bid to scrap gravestone puzzles widow

7:29 am on 20 October 2013

The widow of a mathematician has been told to remove a Sudoku puzzle from his gravestone in an English cemetery, by the local council.

Angela Robinson, from Chester, has been ordered to take off the inscriptions from her husband Allan's grave.

Farndon Parish Council said the grave breached the standards for St Chad's church graveyard, the BBC reports.

Mrs Robinson said: "Other graves I've seen have a dolphin and even a deck of cards, so if they can remain why can't this?"

Mr Robinson, who died aged 66 in May 2012, had worked as a numerical analyst had not given any instructions about his grave when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

"I just thought this would be a good tribute to him," said Mrs Robinson.

"We are talking about a two-inch square Sudoku puzzle and a one line mathematical equation because my husband was a mathematician and did a lot of Sudoku puzzles.

"He was a bit of a fanatic, but this is personal to him. How can they possibly say what we have put on there is lowering standards?"

The parish council said the stone was against regulations and had to be removed.

Parish councillor Sue Rowlandson said the council had become concerned about the inappropriateness of some of the things that were appearing on headstones and two years ago agreed guidelines that there would be simple inscriptions.

The council will discuss the matter next month.