3 Nov 2013

Hiker survives three months in Canadian wilderness

3:28 pm on 3 November 2013

Canadian police have rescued a hiker who survived for three months in the wilderness in the province of Quebec, often in freezing temperatures.

The 44-year-old man's supplies and survival equipment were destroyed by a bear.

Police say Marco Lavoie was just days away from starving to death when rescuers found him limping bare foot in the snow in a remote forest on Wednesday.

The BBC reports he had lost half his body weight and was in the early stages of hypothermia.

An experienced explorer Mr Lavoie had set out on a solo canoe trip in July, but at some point near the start of the expedition a bear had attacked his camp site destroying most of his food and equipment.

He had to survive in the forest in freezing temperatures for many weeks before his friends raised the alarm.

Reports suggest Mr Lavoie was forced to kill and eat his pet dog for sustenance but police say they will have to wait until Mr Lavoie recovers to hear the full story.