5 Nov 2013

Report says US military doctors involved in torture

10:36 am on 5 November 2013

An independent report just out in in the United States says medical professionals working under military orders have participated in the cruel and degrading treatment of terrorism suspects.

The report says American military and intelligence agencies instructed doctors and psychologists to violate medical ethics in the name of national security.

It was compiled by an independent panel of military, health, ethics and legal experts.

Professor Leonard Rubenstein from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, who contributed to the report, says it highlights matters that need to be dealt with urgently:

"There's still detainees being force fed, and they're using 5 point restraint chairs.

"Other countries have all adopted the view that the obligation of physicians is to their patient and they're supposed to help the person and not become enlisted in breaking a political protest- which is what force feeding is really about."

A spokesperson for the defence department has described the report's findings as wholly absurd.