16 Nov 2013

Gettysburg Address editorial retracted

6:10 am on 16 November 2013

A Pennsylvania newspaper has retracted an 1863 editorial that dismissed President Abraham Lincoln's now revered Gettysburg Address delivered during the US Civil War as "silly remarks" deserving a "veil of oblivion."

The Patriot-News of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, said on its website the editorial missed the "momentous importance, timeless eloquence, and lasting significance" of the speech.

President Lincoln's brief address delivered at the dedication of a national cemetery at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is now one of the best known speeches in US history.

The 150th anniversary of the address will be observed on 24 November.

The Patriot & Union, as the newspaper was formerly named, said it regrets the error.

The battle at Gettysburg was fought on 1-3 July, 1863.