27 Nov 2013

Previous school funding system in Australia to be scrapped

11:24 am on 27 November 2013

The federal government in Australia is to scrap the previous government's plans for school funding and will renegotiate agreements with all states and territories within a year.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne said Labor's arrangements will stay in place for the coming year and will then be overhauled.

Mr Pyne said Labor removed $A1.2 billion from the education budget before the election. He said that means there is less money available but he is committed to ensure the shortfall would be spread across all states and territories.

The ABC reports he wants to put in place a new system using the same amount of funding promised by Labor over four years.

New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia all insist that agreements for funding over the next six years have already been signed and must be honoured.

Mr Pyne said the government will honour funding for 2014 but, beyond that, a new model will be implemented.

The Coalition says the model negotiated by Labor is too complicated. Mr Pyne describes it as "a complete shambles".