4 Dec 2013

No-confidence vote fails in Ukraine

6:36 pm on 4 December 2013

A vote of no-confidence in the Ukraine government failed in parliament on Tuesday.

The motion of no-confidence was supported by 186 members of the main opposition parties, but the BBC reports it fell short of the 226 votes required for approval.

There have been mass protests since the government decided not to sign a deal on closer integration with the European Union last week.

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov apologised in parliament on Tuesday for the use of police force against protesters and appealed for people not to return to the unrest of the Orange Revolution of 2004.

"We reach out our hand to you. Push away the plotters, the plotters seeking power and who are trying to repeat the scenario of 2004."

On Monday, Mr Azarov said the government was aware of plans to seize the parliament building and he saw "all the signs of a coup".