7 Dec 2013

Spill at Australian uranium mine

1:09 pm on 7 December 2013

Contaminated slurry has spilled at a uranium mine in Australia's Northern Territory.

A tank in the processing area of the Ranger mine near Jabiru failed at about 1am on Saturday, operator Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) said.

Workers discovered a hole in the side of the tank and were evacuated before the tank burst and a mixture of slurry escaped.

The mine is surrounded by Kakadu National Park and is located about 230 kilometres east of Darwin, the ABC reports.

Traditional owner groups say they are extremely worried about the potential environment impact, but ERA says there is no environmental emergency.

In a statement the company said the slurry moved outside the bunded containment area, but has been captured and contained on site and there is no impact on the surrounding environment.

The company said no-one was injured during the incident. It is not yet known how long it will take for work to resume.