19 Dec 2013

Group of friends claim $A70m lottery ticket

6:00 am on 19 December 2013

A group of friends in Queensland have produced the winning ticket in a $A70 million Oz Lotto which was drawn on Tuesday. The women have vowed to split it equally.

The syndicate leader said she checked the ticket on Wednesday morning and was shocked to discover that they had won.

"When I realised we'd won, I just sat there shaking like a leaf," she said.

AAP reports the women regularly meet for lunch and decided to use their loose change to buy a ticket.

"I told everyone on the last occasion to throw in some loose change and I'll buy a lotto ticket in a big draw before Christmas," she said.

"I saw Oz Lotto had jackpotted to $A70 million so purchased a QuickPick entry."

She's not sure what she'll do with her share.

"My husband told me he wanted to buy a racehorse but I said `It's not your prize'," she laughed.

AAP reprots the winning ticket was bought from a news agency on the Gold Coast.