19 Dec 2013

Diplomats evacuated from Sth Sudan

12:58 pm on 19 December 2013

The United States has flown 120 diplomats and citizens of several countries out of South Sudan because of continuing unrest there.

The US Defence Department says two C-130 aircraft picked up employees from the United States Embassy in the capital, Juba, along with 26 foreign diplomats and some American citizens, and flew them to Nairobi in Kenya.

People arrive to seek refuge in a UN  compound in Juba

People arrive to seek refuge in a UN compound in Juba Photo: AFP

Britain has also announced trhe tempory withdrawal of some embassy staff and their dependents in the capital.

The BBC reports President Salva Kiir has accused former deputy president Riek Machar of being behind an attempted military takeover. Mr Machar, who is now a fugitive, denies this.

The president says a group of soldiers aligned with Mr Machar attacked the army headquarters near Juba University on Sunday night.

South Sudan has struggled to achieve a stable government since becoming independent from Sudan in 2011.