4 Jan 2014

Drug village raided by police in China

9:01 am on 4 January 2014

Police in China have confiscated three tonnes of methamphetamine and arrested 182 people during raids at a village.

The drug, also known as crystal meth, was seized in Boshe, Leufeng city, in Guangdong province.

Police told state media that more than a third of all methamphetamine in China came from Lufeng in the last three years.

An official statement said the raids involved at least 3000 police, two helicopters and speedboats.

The operation began on 29 December, with officials making the announcement late on Thursday.

Public Security Bureau Guangdong deputy director Guo Shaobo said most of the village was involved in the drug trade.

In addition to the methamphetamine, the BBC reports 260kg of ketamine powder and other raw materials were also confiscated.