5 Feb 2014

£50,000 flood donation by Prince Charles

7:08 am on 5 February 2014

The Prince of Wales has made a donation of £50,000 to a flooded village in England.

The Duke of Westminster will match the funding - taking the total donation to £100,000.

Stoke St Gregory and surrounding communites in Somerset are cut off by flood waters, with major roads closed

The Somerset Levels were last flooded in 2012. This time, more than 128,000 acres are flooded, around 40 houses are under water and approximately 200 houses are cut off. In total, around 350 people are affected.

Dozens of schoolchildren and residents greeted the prince on Tuesday when he arrived to attend a reception in Stoke St Gregory.

The Prince's Countryside Fund allocates grants to rural projects twice a year, but it also reserves a portion of its income to be used in times of crisis.