3 Mar 2014

Nepal forces Everest climbers to clean up

10:20 pm on 3 March 2014

Nepal's government says climbers on Mount Everest will have to bring back eight kilograms of garbage as well as their own, under new rules designed to clean up the world's highest peak.

It is one of several new measures for mountaineering in Nepal, and will apply to climbers ascending beyond Everest's base camp from April this year, AFP reports.

An official says expeditions will have to submit their trash to an office to be set up at base camp.

The office will also offer medical aid and resolve conflicts, after a brawl between European climbers and local guides last year.

Mt Everest is strewn with rubbish from past expeditions, including oxygen cylinders, human waste and even climbers' bodies, which do not decompose in the extreme cold.