21 Apr 2014

Food too expensive in Solomons - aid groups

9:34 pm on 21 April 2014

Aid groups in Solomon Islands are raising concerns that a lack of food security is stopping many flood victims from leaving evacuation centres to go home.

Devastating flash floods earlier in April killed 21 people, left thousands homeless and wiped out or buried food gardens, the ABC reports.

Ian McInnes, the chief executive of the New Zealand aid group Tear Fund, said that has resulted in a 400 percent increase in the price of food staples in the capital Honiara.

Mr McInnes says families are hit doubly hard - they've not only lost many of their assets, but also find that food is now priced out of reach.

He says people need help getting gardens up and running again, especially in Guadalcanal province, which was the most heavily affected by flooding.

Mr McInnes says four in five people affected are outside the capital, and that is where the aid needs to go.