9 Oct 2014

New nuclear plant in Britain

11:00 am on 9 October 2014

A new nuclear power plant is to be built in Britain after the project was given approval by the European Union.

A nuclear power plant, in Tihange, Belgium.

A nuclear power plant, in Tihange, Belgium. Photo: AFP

The $30 million dollar Hinkley Point project in southwestern England will be Britain's first nuclear plant in a generation.

It will be built by France's state-owned EDF energy company.

The project had encountered fierce resistance from activists and several European Union member states.

Some member states said it made a mockery of the bloc's stated policy to promote solar and wind power, while Ireland was concerned by its proximity to the Irish coast.

However a vote by Europe's 28 commissioners on Wednesday narrowly approved the deal by just one vote.

The BBC reports the British government has said the power station is key to securing future electricity and cutting carbon emissions.

It also said that it will create thousands of jobs and generate seven percent of Britain's power.

EDF said it will be the largest-ever construction project in Britain.