15 Nov 2014

Mysterious big cat 'unlikely to be tiger'

2:46 pm on 15 November 2014

French authorities searching for a mysterious big cat, now say it is unlikely to be a tiger.

Tiger search

French gendarmes take part in the ongoing search for what was first described as a tiger on the loose, in the woods of Ferrieres-en-Brie. Photo: AFP

A major hunt had been underway in Montrevain, east of Paris, after a tiger was reportedly seen in a supermarket carpark two days ago, followed by other sightings.

However officials said after an analysis by wildlife experts, the animal was more likely to be something between a domestic cat and a larger feline or lynx, the BBC reported.

The story of the tiger had generated wall-to-wall media coverage in France and led to the deployment of around 100 police, firefighters and soldiers immediately after the initial sightings.