19 Nov 2014

Hanson back and up to same old tricks

8:02 pm on 19 November 2014

Pauline Hanson has announced her return to the One Nation party to become its leader after a 12-year hiatus.

Pauline Hanson, in 2011.

Pauline Hanson, in 2011. Photo: AFP

The serial candidate wants to win a Queensland seat and will prepare the party for next year's Queensland election, the ABC reports.

On the day her ascent was announced, Ms Hanson has already taken a swipe at foreign ownership, Halal and multiculturalism.

She announced her comeback on One Nation's website, saying she would dare to raise issues which were politically incorrect.

"We are witnessing large amounts of our prime farming land and housing sold to foreign ownership," she said.

"The push for multiculturalism is only segregating us as a nation and not uniting us as Australians with the same values, beliefs and laws.

"Halal is being forced on us by 2 percent of the population."

Speaking on television this morning, Ms Hanson said the party would stand candidates in the Queensland election but not in New South Wales because it was not registered there.

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