8 Apr 2015

Boy found alive after four days

6:54 pm on 8 April 2015

An 11-year old Australian boy who went missing during a family camping trip four days ago has been found alive.

Luke Shambrook as he was spotted by a rescue aircraft.

Luke Shambrook when he was spotted by a rescue aircraft. Photo: NSW Police

Luke Shambrook, who has autism, was spotted from the air about 3km from where his family had been camping beside Lake Eildon in Victoria.

He was taken to hospital with hypothermia, but police said he appeared otherwise unharmed.

Dozens of holidaymakers had joined the search for Luke over the weekend.

Victoria police released a video showing the moment an officer reached Luke

Victoria police released a video showing the moment an officer reached Luke. Photo: NSW Police

In a statement, police thanked all those involved for the "immense amount of community support".

Luke had wandered away at around midday on Friday from the Candlebark Campground in the Fraser National Park, a popular recreation area.

His family raised the alarm, saying he liked to hide in small spaces and had a fascination with water.

Luke Shambrook

Photo: NSW Police

Police on horseback, motorbikes and foot were joined by campers and other volunteers, searching in abandoned mine shafts, animal burrows and beneath trees.

Police divers were also scouring the lake and surrounding waterways while the Air Wing of the Victoria police searched from the sky.

On Monday, search teams found his black beanie hat lying on a track.

Then on Tuesday, a police helicopter spotted him in bush from the air, and directed paramedics to him. He was treated at the scene before being carried out on a stretcher.

Victoria Police posted a video on Instagram showing the moment a police officer reached Luke, lying on a hill on rough ground.

10 News reporter Trent Dann tweeted pictures of Luke being reunited with his parents and said rescuers had been "reduced to tears of joy".

Acting Cmdr Rick Nugent said Luke's parents had described their "absolute relief".

"An 11-year-old boy, challenged as he is with his autism, he's a courageous, resilient, strong young man," ABC News quoted him as saying.

"To find him safe and well, is just wonderful news."