11 Aug 2015

The universe is ending - in 100 billion years

2:41 pm on 11 August 2015

The universe is dying - but don't panic - you've still got 100 billion years to get through your bucket list.

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Energy generated across the universe is continually fading, according to scientists. Photo: 123rf.com

Researchers from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research in Western Australia have been able to measure the energy generated across 200,000 galaxies more precisely than ever before.

They have found the energy is only half what it was two billion years ago, and is continually fading.

Professor Simon Driver - who will present this work at the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Honolulu today - saids the research looks "bleak" but we have a long time.

He told reporters it will be about 100 billion years until all starlight stops being produced.

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