11 Sep 2015

A new way to start the day with a bang?

12:51 pm on 11 September 2015

A British former plumber has designed a high-voltage ejector bed, attached to an air compressor, which lifts up and ejects the occupant out at a pre-allotted time.

Colin Furze, who has also invented the world's fastest pram and longest motorbike, was formerly a plumber, but now works for Sky TV's Technology and gadget show.

He made the bed at home, using a bouncy castle in his back garden in the early stages to test it out without hurting himself.

The bed has a selection of different speeds and intensities, according to the weight of the user and how violently they want to be ejected from their bed.

"It's got a little bit too much power, really," he told Nine to Noon. "There was no maths involved in this - it was pure trial and error."

"It's semi-uncontrollable, but at the same time controllable."

"I had to make it in the shed and then get it up the stairs into my actual bedroom, so I didn't want it to be heavy or too cumbersome."