12 Oct 2015

Red-faced over Red Road demolition fail

12:04 pm on 12 October 2015

Demolition experts have been left with egg on their faces after a much-publicised operation to knock down six iconic high-rises in the Scottish city of Glasgow left two of the blocks of flats still standing.

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The Red Road Flats in Glasgow. Photo: You Tube screengrab

About 2,000 residents living near the Red Road Flats were evacuated ahead of the demolition on Sunday afternoon.

But when the smoke cleared two of the blocks of flats were still partially standing.

Local media reported that nearby residents were unable to return to their homes as experts tried to decide what to do with partially demolished buildings.

The Red Road Flats were at the centre of controversy last year when Commonwealth Games bosses had to back down from a plan to demolish them as part of the Games' opening ceremony.