18 Dec 2015

Here's some Christmas horns of a different kind...

9:19 am on 18 December 2015

If you've ever wondered why there's never been a Christmas album featuring singing goats, you'll be relieved to hear the idea's time has come.

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Goats can sing. Just not very well or tunefully, but hey, it's Christmas and it's for charity! Photo: 123rf.com

A Christmas charity album with the proceeds going towards helping reduce global poverty has been produced in Sweden, featuring goats belting out some favourite Christmas carols.

"I don't think that many people know that goats can actually sing quite well," Sara Hjelm from the Swedish arm of the charity Action Aid said.

"So that's... (why) we decided to produce a Christmas album with goats interpreting classic Christmas carols."

"And goats are a very good example of how animals basically can support people to go from a life of poverty to life in self-sufficiency."

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Goats have soul. Of course they can be pop stars. Photo: 123rf.com

"With Christmas coming up, we thought 'how can we highlight the goat in a new way?' and spread the knowledge about what a true hero this animal actually is when it comes to fighting poverty," Ms Hjelm said.

"They're not only heroes when it comes to fighting poverty, they can actually sing quite well, so then we thought, why not produce a Christmas album with goats?"

Some 20 different goats were recorded in Sweden to make the album. You can hear some of the songs here.