19 Jan 2016

Hospital says sorry to woman bitten by ferret

4:37 pm on 19 January 2016

Health officials in New South Wales have issued a public apology to a woman bitten by a wild ferret while she was in hospital last year.

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Photo: 123rf

The patient at Gosford Hospital, on the state's central coast, said the ferret would not let go of her, and she had to call security.

The local health district has confirmed a ferret found its way into the hospital short stay unit in the early hours on 13 November last year.

It said the animal latched onto the patient's hand when she tried to catch it.

"She was treated for bite wounds and received a verbal apology from the head of nursing."

Central Coast Health has now made that a public apology for any distress the matter has caused.

An investigation has found the hospital's pest control measures were sufficient at the time.