19 Mar 2016

Lion back home after man mauled

1:23 pm on 19 March 2016

A lion that attacked a man in Nairobi has been returned to the national park it strayed from.

A video circulating on social media appeared to show the lion wandering along a busy road during morning rush hour.

The 63-year-old man was taken to hospital, his condition is not known.

Paul Ndotto of the Kenya Wildlife Service said the animal mauled its victim after it became agitated over people hooting their horns and taking photos.

He said people should not think getting selfies and videos of the lions was helping in such situations.

"That's not helping at all."

"The only sensible thing to do when one encounters such, is to leave it on its own and alert the KWS teams on the toll-free lines that we've provided.

The lion has returned to the park.