27 Jul 2008

Brisbane bank destroyed in explosion

4:48 pm on 27 July 2008

The police in Australia are still searching for three men believed to be behind an explosion that destroyed a Brisbane bank on Saturday.

The Bank of Queensland Aspley branch, on Gympie Road, was gutted and charred by an explosion around 3.15am on Saturday.

The bank's automatic teller machine was thrown onto the footpath by the blast.

What remains of the bank is being heavily guarded and police kept a vigil at the site overnight.

It's still unclear whether any money was taken in the suspected robbery and it's also not known how much cash may still be inside the ruins.

Police are looking for three men who were seen leaving the area just after the explosion.

Officers are hoping doctors could also hold crucial information as they believe one of the men was injured by the blast and may have sought treatment at a hospital.

Investigators have now set up a major incident room and will speak with bank employees.