7 Jan 2017

Sydney father and son accused of faking kidnapping

8:43 pm on 7 January 2017

A father and son have staged the father's kidnapping in Sydney's inner west so they could keep a ransom, according to police.

Sung Sub Kim, aged 47, was found injured with his wrists bound, lying face-down on a road in Strathfield South early on Wednesday morning.

He allegedly told police he had been kidnapped the day before and held to ransom.

Mr Sub Kim was treated at the scene for minor injuries before being taken to Auburn Hospital.

After looking into the claim, police charged Mr Sub Kim and his son Gyu Tae Kim, 21, with a range of fraud offences including making false representation and making misleading material to obtain advantage.

Police have not yet confirmed whether a ransom was paid nor how much, if any, money was demanded.

The pair appeared at Parramatta Local Court.

In denying bail to the father, Magistrate Christopher McRobert commented that the prosecution had a strong case.

"One which led to a great deal of waste of community resources," he added.

Mr Tae Kim was released on bail with strict conditions and the matter was adjourned to return to court on Wednesday.