16 May 2017

Moors Murderer Ian Brady dies aged 79

10:50 am on 16 May 2017

Moors Murderer Ian Brady, who killed five children with Myra Hindley in England in the mid-1960s, has died aged 79.

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Photo: AFP

A Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust spokesman said: "We can confirm a 79-year-old patient in long term care at Ashworth High Secure Hospital has died after becoming physically unwell."

The serial killer was jailed for three murders in 1966.

Hindley and Brady killed a total of five young people between 1963 and 1965 before burying them on Saddleworth Moor in Greater Manchester.

The body of their third victim - 12-year-old Keith Bennett - was never found.

Hindley died of a heart attack while in jail in 2002, aged 60.

Brady had been held at Ashworth Hospital, a secure psychiatric unit in Merseyside, since 1985.

He had been on successive hunger strikes since 1999 arguing he should be allowed to die, but had been force-fed because he was considered mentally ill.

Brady campaigned for several years to be moved from Ashworth to a Scottish prison, where he would not be force-fed and be allowed to die if he wished.