2 Dec 2008

Leckey awarded Turner Prize for modern art

9:23 pm on 2 December 2008

British artist Mark Leckey has won the Turner Prize - the most prestigious award in the modern art world.

The 44-year-old was chosen for exhibitions which combined sculpture, film and performance and included a film featuring Felix the Cat and Homer Simpson.

He was awarded the Stg 25,000 prize by singer Nick Cave at Tate Britain in London.

Leckey told the audience it was "great to do something that has some kind of effect on British culture".

His winning works include the film Cinema in the Round which shows him lecturing about his love of animation.

According to judges, he uses his "own state of being" - an artist in London who grew up in northern England in the 1980s - to explore those motifs.

"He celebrates the imagination of the individual and our potential to inhabit, reclaim or animate an idea, a space, or an object," they added.

The artist was shortlisted for solo exhibitions Resident, at Kolnischer Kunstverein in Cologne, and Industrial Light & Magic, at Le Consortium in Dijon.

Leckey, the only man on the shortlist, beat Goshka Macuga, Runa Islam and Cathy Wilkes to win the prize, which has had only three female winners since its 1984 inception.