7 Dec 2008

Rudd's staff leaving in droves

12:44 pm on 7 December 2008

There are reports many of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's staff are quitting his private office because of the federal government's frenetic pace and workload.

Fairfax media reports 12 of Mr Rudd's 29 new staffers have left in the last year and seven of deputy prime minister Julia Gillard's 15 new staffers have also quit.

The Finance Department reportedly told Liberal frontbencher Senator Michael Ronaldson that 65 of the 270 staff members hired between December last year and October, have left their jobs.

A further 64 left their jobs while Labor was in Opposition.

Other Labor ministers have also lost staff members, including Minister for Ageing Justine Elliott, Human Services Minister Joe Ludwig and Veterans Affairs Minister Alan Griffin.

In contrast, Climate Change Minister Penny Wong, Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy and Environment Minister Peter Garrett lost no staff.

The ABC reports most of those who left their positions were executive assistants, office managers and advisers or assistant advisers.

The Government reportedly paid more than $A25,000 to relocate staff who left their jobs and more than $A26,000 to get them security clearance.

Advertising for staff to fill the vacant positions cost a further $A54,000.