15 Dec 2008

Sci-fi remake tops US box office

9:08 am on 15 December 2008

A remake of a 1951 science-fiction movie topped the box office in North America at the weekend.

Despite ridicule from critics, The Day the Earth Stood Still sold an estimated $US31 million worth of tickets in the United States and Canada.

20th Century Fox said the film also took $US39 million in 90 other markets, including Russia and Britain. It cost about $US80 million to make.

The movie stars Keanu Reeves of the Matrix series and Jennifer Connelly.

The holiday comedy Four Christmases slipped to second with $US13.3 million after two weeks on top in North America, taking its total domestic earnings to $US88 million.

Twilight was third. The vampire romance has taken $US150 million to date. Canine cartoon Bolt was fourth and the period drama Australia was fifth.