21 Dec 2008

Lockerbie marks 20th anniversary

7:11 pm on 21 December 2008

Events are taking place in Britain and the United States on Sunday to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the bombing of an American airliner over the Scottish town of Lockerbie.

A total of 270 people died after Pan Am Flight 103 was blown up over the town on 21 December 1988, claiming the lives of everyone on the plane and 11 local residents on the ground.

A former Libyan intelligence officer, Abdel Baset Ali Mohammed Al Megrahi, was convicted of mass murder for the 1988 attack.

A number of "low key" ceremonies are taking place in the town in accordance with the wishes of the community.

A tribute is also planned in the US at the Lockerbie memorial in the Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC.

Special "places to remember" are being opened in Lockerbie, with a wreath-laying ceremony taking place at the Dryfesdale Ceremony.

In the evening there will be services at both the Tundergarth and Dryfesdale Church.

A little after 1900 GMT the exact anniversary of the atrocity will be remembered.