16 May 2010

More air closures due to ash

10:08 pm on 16 May 2010

Travel chaos is set to return to Britain with fresh threats from an Icelandic volcano and of British Airways cabin crew strikes.

British aviation authorities on Sunday reintroduced a no-fly zone over parts of Northern Ireland as the volcanic ash cloud returned to the skies over the UK.

The BBC is reporting that airports across much of the UK will close between 1300 and 1900 BST.

In England, East Midlands, Manchester, Liverpool, Doncaster, Humberside and Carlisle airports will be hit by the Civil Aviation Authority's no-fly zone.

All airports in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man's Ronaldsway, Prestwick near Glasgow and those on Scottish islands are also affected.

London airports are unaffected, while Dublin remains open on Sunday.

The return of the ash cloud, which caused the mass closure of British and European airports in April, comes ahead of a planned five-day strike by British Airways cabin crew on Tuesday.

BA will seek an injunction in the High Court in London on Monday in an attempt to stop the strike.

If the strike goes ahead, it is likely to compound problems caused by the return of the ash cloud.

Ash from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano has caused considerable disruption over Europe since April.

Airlines have had to cancel around 100,000 flights, stranding millions of passengers.