22 Feb 2009

New jail opens at Abu Ghraib

12:33 pm on 22 February 2009

Iraqi officials have reopened Abu Ghraib prison with a fresh coat of paint and a new name.

It has been handed over to the Iraqis and renamed Baghdad Central Prison, which will be open to random inspection by the Red Cross.

The BBC reports it has been extensively renovated, with upgraded facilities and amenities, including a hospital, rest rooms and visiting rooms.

The prison became known for abuse after US jailkeepers filmed themselves tormenting and sexually humiliating Iraqi prisoners.

Some 14,000 Iraqi detainees are still held by the US in other facilities, but are now being released at a rate of about 50 per day.

The man who took charge after the scandal, Brigadier-General David Quantock, says he plans to transfer all prisoners to the government of Iraq by the end of the year.