24 Feb 2009

Early election in Queensland

5:25 am on 24 February 2009

An early election has been called in Queensland.

The state is heavily reliant on the mining industry, as export demand falls and unemployment rises.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh sought a dissolution of parliament on Monday for an early election.

Polling day is 21 March.

The State Treasurer revealed on Friday that the current financial year is expected to end $A1.6 billion in the red, with even bigger deficits to come in the next three years.

The ABC reported this was is a $A2.4 billion turnaround since a budget forecast in June.

The latest economic update predicts a drop of $A12 billion in state revenue over the next four years.

That will contribute to a $A1.6 billion deficit this financial year, doubling to $A3.2 billion next year.