3 Apr 2009

China hi-tech school cheats jailed

10:25 pm on 3 April 2009

Eight parents and teachers who used hi-tech equipment to help children cheat in Chinese college entrance exams have been jailed.

They were given sentences of six months to three years after being found guilty of obtaining state secrets.

Three groups were found operating in just one school in Zhejiang province.

One group of parents, some of them local officials, persuaded a teacher to fax them the questions once the exam got under way.

They had organised six university students to answer them.

They sent these answers using mobile phones to their children in the exam hall who were wearing tiny earpieces.

Another man had employed more high-tech equipment. He bribed a student taking the same exam as his son to get him the questions using a miniature scanner.

He had nine teachers on standby to answer them and then transmitted the answers back to the two boys taking the exam.

A third scam involved a teacher at the school who had charged hundreds of dollars to get the answers to students but whose equipment failed.

The cheats were discovered when police nearby detected the efforts to transmit the answers to the students on their radios.