28 Apr 2009

Security forces to review emergency regulations

9:52 pm on 28 April 2009

Fiji says a review of emergency regulations will go ahead a few days before they run out on 10 May.

At least five people have been arrested for allegedly distributing anti-government pamphlets.

Government spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni says the five were arrested at the weekend over locally printed pamphlets carrying political messages that he says were inciting.

Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni would not say if any other people were being held under the emergency regulations.

He says security forces will meet a few days before the May deadline to decide whether the emergency regulations need to be retained.

Meanwhile, a Fiji lawyer says most people are probably unaware of exactly what they can and cannot do under the regulations.

Graham Leung says there is little information being released to the public about the regulations.