17 May 2009

Western Australia voters reject daylight saving

2:36 pm on 17 May 2009

Western Australia has rejected daylight saving in its fourth referendum on the issue in four decades.

WA Electoral Commissioner Warwick Gately says the "No" vote has a clear majority.

Fifty five percent of voters were against daylight saving - a slight increase on the margin from the last time a referendum was held on the issue in 1992.

WA Premier Colin Barnett says West Australians have to accept the reality that daylight saving is not popular in the state.

"Yes" campaigner Matt Birney told the ABC supporters are bitterly disappointed with the result.

He says they take some heart in the fact that nearly 500,000 people voted for a change.

Mr Birney says he accepts the majority's decision and believes this is it for daylight saving in WA.

It is the fourth referendum on the issue for West Australians in four successive decades.

A three-year daylight saving trial concluded on 30 March.