1 Jun 2009

Piaf letters up for auction

4:04 pm on 1 June 2009

Letters from French singer Edith Piaf to one of her many lovers will go on auction in Paris next month.

Christie's said 54 letters, dated from 15 November, 1951 to 18 September, 1952, will be offered for sale on 25 June. They are expected to fetch over $US125,000.

A morphine addict, following a car crash in 1951, Piaf is best known for the song "Non, je ne regrette rien".

The letters are to French cycling champion Louis Gerardin, two years after the death of world middleweight boxing champion Marcel Cerdan, of France, who died in a plane crash en route to a rematch with Jake LaMotta in late 1949.

Their affair ended in 1952, when Piaf married French actor Jacques Pills in New York.

In one of the letters, she spoke of her desire to "transform" her life, pining for marriage and a family.

Other members of her entourage, lovers and veteran French cabaret star Charles Aznavour, whose career she helped to launch - figure prominently in the collection.