8 Jul 2009

Palin won't be drawn on speculation over her intentions

5:39 am on 8 July 2009

Former United States vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is refusing to respond to speculation she may be preparing for a bid for the presidency in 2012.

Mrs Palin, who is resigning as the governor of Alaska, says that if the decision to resign ends her political career, so be it.

She says the cost of fighting ethics charges was a major factor in her decision to step down.

But she says opponents trying to discredit her, will not find any dirt.

The Republican governor will stand down on 26 July, 18 months before the scheduled end of her term in office.

On Friday, Mrs Palin said that she had decided to resign as governor after prayerful consideration led her to the conclusion that sacrificing her title would help Alaska the most.