25 Jul 2009

Another arrest made after Jakarta bombings

6:13 am on 25 July 2009

Police in Indonesia have made another arrest in connection with the hotel bombings in Jakarta last Friday that killed nine people, including a New Zealander and three Australians.

A man was arrested at his house on Thursday in Central Java and is said to have had an unexploded bomb in his possesion.

Meanwhile, police have confirmed that an unexploded bomb found in room 1808 of the Marriot hotel malfunctioned.

It is thought the bomb was intended to explode first to push people downstairs and into the lobby before the second bomb was triggered.

National police chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri told reporters police were closing in on Noordin Mohammed Top, whose network is linked to Al Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiyah.

Noordin is suspected of planning suicide bombings at the Marriott in 2003, the Australian embassy in 2004 and Bali restaurants in 2005.

The ABC reports a woman believed to be Noordin's third wife was arrested earlier in the week. Her father is also being sought.

Police are also looking for two men believed to have been involved, including a man who reportedly worked as a florist at the hotels and helped the bombers penetrate their targets.