25 Jul 2009

Rockfall kills three in southern China

4:45 pm on 25 July 2009

Three people were killed and 12 injured on Saturday when a rockfall hit a bridge in Wenchuan, in southwestern China.

The area was the epicentre of an earthquake which devastated the region last year.

The Xinhua news agency says the rock fell from a mountain on to the Chediguan bridge, sending vehicles plunging into the Minjiang river.

At least seven vehicles, including a minibus, were destroyed.

The bridge played an important role in the reconstruction of Wenchuan and reopened in May, one year after the catastrophe which left 87,000 dead or missing in Sichuan province.

More than 10,000 vehicles cross the bridge every day.

The Xinhua news agency report did not give any further details on the circumstances of the accident, which occurred after heavy rains battered the province.