3 Aug 2009

Piggery in lockdown until swine flu eradicated

9:46 pm on 3 August 2009

An Australian piggery hit by swine flu will be in lockdown until all signs of the virus have been eradicated.

The piggery in Dunedoo has been quarantined since Friday after laboratory tests confirmed the animals have the virus.

The New South Wales Department of Primary Industries says quarantine measures will remain in place for seven days after the last infected pig returns to full health.

The protocols were approved in a teleconference involving state and federal representatives from Australia's health and agriculture sectors.

The strain of swine flu diagnosed at the piggery is slightly different to that among humans and it's believed workers may have transmitted the virus to the animals.

The ABC reports it is the first case of swine flu among pigs in Australia.

The pork industry has issued a biosecurity update to farmers in response to the outbreak.