14 Jul 2011

Egyptian police officers dismissed

6:02 am on 14 July 2011

The Egyptian government says 669 senior police officers are being removed from their jobs.

Interior Minister Mansour Essawy said 505 generals and 164 officers would end their service on 1 August.

State TV said that 37 of the dismissed officers face charges of killing protesters.

The BBC reports their dismissal has been a key demand of a new wave of protests demanding faster reform from the junta which took power after the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak on 11 February.

Protests in Tahrir Square, Cairo, are now in their sixth consecutive day.

The military also confirmed that elections set for September would be delayed.

Many of new political parties have called for the vote to be delayed so that they can compete against better organised and more powerful opposition groups, notably the Muslim Brotherhood.