22 Aug 2009

US President to visit China

10:04 pm on 22 August 2009

United States President Barack Obama will make his first official visit to China as US president in mid-November.

The new American ambassador to Beijing Jon Huntsman Jr announced plans for Mr Obama's visit on Saturday that will include a big summit on the global economy, North Korea and climate change.

The timing of the trip means Mr Obama is likely to go to Beijing and perhaps other regional capitals after the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders' summit in Singapore on 14-15 November.

Mr Obama recently hailed what he called an era of co-operation with China.

But observers say China's vast trade surplus with the US and America's big deficits, which are largely financed by China, continue to vex relations.

The Chinese have recently taken steps to move away from the US dollar in their international exchanges.