31 Aug 2009

Weapons seized from Australian-owned ship

8:45 pm on 31 August 2009

The federal government is investigating the discovery of weapons on an Australian-owned ship travelling from North Korea to Iran.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is investigating the circumstances surrounding the seizure of the ship by the United Arab Emirates earlier in August, the ABC reports.

Customs officials are reported to have seized a number of containers which had weapons from the ship.

Australia's Transport Minister Anthony Albanese has confirmed weapons including grenade launchers were found on the ship, owned by ANL Australia.

A new round of United Nations sanctions was approved unanimously in June in response to a nuclear weapons test and missile launches by North Korea. The sanctions ban North Korea from importing or exporting any weapons.

Under Australian law, it is an offence for an individual or corporation to assist in breaking sanctions.

ANL Australia has refused to comment.