23 Aug 2011

Norway gunman continues to show no remorse

8:43 pm on 23 August 2011

The lawyer for Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in gun and bomb attacks in Norway, has said his client has shown no sign of remorse.

Mr Breivik has admitted responsibility for the bomb attack on government buildings in the capital Oslo killing eight people, followed by a mass shooting on Utoeya island where a summer camp for the Labour Party's youth wing was being held.

Geir Lippestad says Mr Breivik understands he committed a dreadful act on 22 July and that people view him as a demon, but believes that in 60 years' time people will understand his motives, the BBC reports.

Mr Lippested says the 32-year-old sees himself as a "warrior" fighting to stop the collapse of Europe.

A national ceremony of remembrance was held in Oslo on Sunday. Relatives of the victims and survivors were joined at the ceremony by politicians, emergency services and the Norwegian royal family.