26 Sep 2009

Mugabe still upset over sanctions on Zimbabwe

7:15 pm on 26 September 2009

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has accused the West of using "filthy clandestine divisive antics" to undermine the country's power-sharing government.

At the United Nations on Friday, Mr Mugabe again called for sanctions to be lifted, saying they were "ruining the lives of Zimbabwe's children".

The BBC reports that the sanctions prevent him and his closest allies from travelling and accessing their assets abroad. He is still allowed to attend UN meetings.

Mr Mugabe said southern African nations had made huge sacrifices to help his country during the global economic crisis, but the West's sanctions had not been lifted.

Zimbabwe says it needs some $13 billion to rebuild its economy, but potential donors are wary of releasing aid money lest it be misused by Mr Mugabe or his allies.