9 Oct 2009

Scores die in Philippine floods

9:58 pm on 9 October 2009

A week of relentless rains in the northern Philippines have put dozens of towns and villages under water, with more than 100 people drowned or killed by landslides.

The rains were brought by Typhoon Parma, which hit the Philippines on Saturday and has since hovered around the northern part of the main island of Luzon.

Officials say at least 100 people have died in landslides in the mountainous Benguet province, with at least 13 deaths in other areas.

The rain has swollen rivers and reservoirs, forcing dams to release water and flooding areas downstream.

Disaster officials say thousands of people are marooned but many roads are impassable, hampering rescue efforts.

The floods struck after another storm inundated the capital Manila, killing at least 337 people.