14 Oct 2009

Jewish settlers banned from entering West Bank

2:04 pm on 14 October 2009

In a rare move, the Israeli military has banned three Jewish settlers from entering the West Bank for six months, including the settlement where they live.

The ABC reports they come from Yitzhar - a community of Jewish settlers that has a history of violent confrontation with the Palestinians.

Palestinian farmers accuse Yitzhar residents of violence and intimidation as they begin their annual olive harvest.

Several hundred trees were burnt down several months ago.

Olive grower Najeh Hoda says his family has owned the trees on the hillside for more than a century and he has the papers to prove it.

He says stones have also been thrown at harvest workers and shots fired at him "many times".

The Israeli military this week banned three Yitzhar men from entering the West Bank for six months, after evidence they were involved in illegal activity.

The ABC reports no information was given what the activity was.