1 Nov 2009

Police out in force to stop nude pumpkin run

1:00 pm on 1 November 2009

Dozens of police officers have been deployed in the American city of Boulder, Colorado to stop an unusual Halloween tradition.

Each year, dozens run down the city's snowy streets wearing only trainers and a hollowed-out pumpkin on their heads.

But this year, police are ready to arrest anyone who takes part in the Naked Pumpkin Run, the BBC reports.

About 100 runners usually turn out for the event, plus a large crowd of spectators.

Officials say they will charge pumpkin-clad runners under the city's law against indecent exposure.

Those convicted could also end up on the register of sexual predators - a category largely reserved for child molesters and rapists.

Similar runs have also taken place in other US cities including Seattle, Portland and Arcata.